~ lunch & dinner ~

26 November 2002

i only got a wee bit of packing done. but that’s ok, i had really good food today. it started with lunch at Blue Smoke with ari, liz and scogin. it was the best bbq stuff i’ve ever had. brisket sandwich… mmmm. i had to try liz’s St. Louis ribs, and it was soooo juicy! very good baked beans too.

for dinner ari and i had indian food with Carmel and Brigham, ari’s coworkers at Unyq. it was my first time hanging out with them, and i wished i had dinner with them earlier this year. they’re such nice people! no wonder ari had great time working with them…. of course, the indian food was great too :)

in between the lunch and dinner, we mostly played Vice City (again!)… can’t… stop… playing… ack!

ps: i know, i was 4 days behind. just trying to catch up.