~ hockey time! ~

15 October 2002

i’ve been wanting to watch hockey game for years, preferably NHL game. so last night, Scogin, Liz, Ari and I went to watch Ranger vs. Maple Leaf game at the Madison Square Garden. i was so excited that i couldn’t stop smiling, starting from the subway ride from the office to the Penn Station, all the way to our seats. we sat on the top, but i was surprised that the view was pretty good. i was thinking i wont be able to see the puck, but everything was really clear.

the game was great, too. it was a high scoring game: 9 goals with addition of one cancelled (5-4, Rangers won!). i was amused how entertaining to watch the game live. it was like a quicker version of soccer. if i had done this earlier, i’m very sure i’ll be a big fan of hockey and would go to see the game more often. although, i’ll probably be Fliers fan instead of Ranger’s… *grin*

much thanks to Scogin and Liz who got the tix. it was awesome!

one thing i regretted was i didn’t bring my camera. so i had to hi-jack Liz camera instead. so, do i have any photos? of course:

Liz also filmed the cancelled goal, and you can see and hear how the people went nuts. beware: the file is HUUUUUUGE! (click!)