~ screaming lady + my flight issues ~

11 October 2002

i didn’t feel well last night, i think i got ari’s flu. since i don’t go to work today, i thought it’d be nice if i rest most of the morning and try to get rid of the flu-ish simptoms. oh i was wrong.

i woke up hearing people screaming out in the courtyard of my apartment. i looked outside and saw this woman sticking her body out holding something metallic and shiny on her hand and a guy down in the courtyard looking up. the woman screams in a cantonese, the guy kept saying, “hey, calm down”. everytime someone pass by to enter the apartment, she scream at them, “door no open!!! door no open!!!!”. i thought they were a married couple, fighting. and she doesn’t want him to go back into the apartment.

he finally left. but she kept screaming at people who are walking into the apartment. i started hearing my neighbor downstairs yelling, “enough already! it’s early and you should stop screaming!”… i also hear, “shut up!!” from other apartment directed to the screaming chinese lady. i was about to tell her shut up too! it’s almost an hour of her yelling thing we don’t understand.

finally, a woman who could speak cantonese AND english walked in and heard the screaming chinese woman up top. they started talking (yelling, or whatever else). turned out that the chinese woman was somehow locked in her apartment, couldn’t get out, panicked and try to find help. she doesn’t speak english and, unfortunately, cantonese dialect sounds like someone yelling. so no one thought that she needed help. people think she was yelling at them.

a guy finally trying to help her out.

she was still yelling and he told her to calm down.


anyways, that was my exciting morning. the rest went downhill. if you wanna hear it, beware, it’s a long whiney post and it has nothing to do with the stuff above.

my whine: bear with me here. i’m about to rant.

i bought 2 AirTran tickets to Savannah, GA, from cheapticket.com a few weeks ago to visit my brother, Ramanda, and bring Bebe there to stay with him for a few years (maybe more). i have NEVER in my life taking pets to travel. never. i’m completely inexperience.

so i checked on AirTran website, they said they allow pets:We accept small, domesticated pets that will fit in an approved carrier under the seat.

the rest of the policy seems to fit bebe. does not exceed 15 pounds, etc etc. i just need to bring a certification from the vet indicating that bebe is in a good health. so i made an appointment with the vet and i thought it’s all good. ah, i’ll just called the AirTran to make sure it’s ok. i explain that i will bring a pet rabbit on my tra…

“No,” she said, “you cannot bring a rabbit.”

“Excuse me?”

“We do not allow rabbit in our planes.”

“But…” i panicked, “your site said i can bring a small, domesticated animal…”

“No. We only allow dogs, cats, and birds.”

i think i didn’t responded for 1 full minute. then, i asked if i can return my tickets and get a refund.

“No, it’s our company policy not to give refunds. We only gives credit to your account.”

ARRGGHHH. too man no’s in a short time! that push me over the edge. in an impatient voice, i explained that i will not use the credit since i’ll be leaving out of the country and is there any way they can do something that is more useful to me.

of course, “No…”

we both started yelling at each other, and she ended the conversation by hanging up on me. i screamed twice, took a deep breath and called again. this time, it’s a different person. she was much nicer and she doesn’t begin her sentences with “No”. but still, she gives me some more bad news. i can’t even receive a credit since it was a paper ticket (whatever the fuck it means, for me, i just can’t get my money back in any way). so i sobbed a bit and said bye.

after i hang up, i took a rest for half an hour in bed then started to browse the internet for other airlines that don’t mind boarding bunnies. thank god Delta does. i ended up moving the travel date 2 weeks back to buy a decent ticket price, reserve space for bunny in the plane, reschedule vet appointments, called ramanda that we moved the dates and asked him if he can find the hotel for a different nights.

i’m still anxious. i feel like i’m still missing something that would result me losing another few hundred dollars more. don’t you hate making bad mistakes?

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Hope you feel better soon!

dican | 11 October 2002 - 07:50 | reply

thanks, dican :)

thalia | 11 October 2002 - 11:00 | reply

that screaming lady story is hilarious hehehe..about that airline ticket, I had the same experience when I used to travel back and forth from eastcoast to westcoast, I bought the ticket from cheapticket.com and there was no way I could get a refund nor credit for my unused ticket. Sorry to hear that, hope you feel better & please say hi to bebe :)

lilpixel | 12 October 2002 - 04:11 | reply

tht was quite a funny story, anyway just drop by to say hi:)

Herman | 12 October 2002 - 01:21 | reply