~ korea vs. italy ~

18 June 2002

live: omg, on the 88th minutes, korea scored! …. 1:1 now. *nervous*

update: 9:56 — holy shit!! korea scored in the sudden death!! they’re going to quarter finals! holy shit!

this is how it started.

(sorry for the long AIM-transcript-type-of post)

[09:03] ciababy: r u at work?
[09:03] sun2197: yep
[09:03] ciababy:: u got espn? is it still italy=1 and korea=0?
[09:04] sun2197: not near me
[09:04] sun2197: i got mtv
[09:04] ciababy:: arghhhh japan just lost :/
[09:04] sun2197: yeah….
[09:04] sun2197: imho, korea doesn’t stand a chance either.
[09:04] sun2197: japan shouldn’t have lost, though. they got much better chance than korea….
[09:05] sun2197: btw, still 0-1
[09:05] ciababy:: ah it’s everybody’s game c’mon! argentina lost, turkey just won
[09:05] ciababy:: korea can still win!
[09:06] sun2197: haha, pressing luck, maybe
[09:06] ciababy:: argh why dont we have tv at work ):
[09:07] ciababy:: even if korea makes it, they play spain next and that’s kinda lower chance

then cia started to convince me:

[09:14] sun2197: maybe korea can pull that last minute goal….
[09:14] ciababy:: yeah right :/
[09:14] sun2197: ireland did that
[09:15] ciababy:: no more asians in the game if korea loses! yeeeeh
[09:16] sun2197: hahaha, but then again, there hasn’t been asian in the game like, forever…
[09:16] sun2197: until now. due to the home game advantage
[09:16] ciababy:: arghhhhhhhhh it’s over now ):
[09:16] sun2197: so, its a good thing that both of them were in there.
[09:17] sun2197: already?
[09:17] ciababy:: 4 mins left
[09:17] sun2197: 2 more min
[09:17] ciababy:: ARGHHHHHH
[09:17] sun2197: and we still have injury time!
[09:17] sun2197: with that many fouls, there’s gotta be a long injury time.
[09:18] ciababy:: arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

and it happened:

[09:18] sun2197: goal!
[09:18] ciababy:: WHAT
[09:18] sun2197: 1:1!!!!!
[09:18] sun2197: going overtime, baybeee!
[09:19] ciababy:: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
[09:19] sun2197: holy shit, 2 min
[09:20] ciababy:: omg
[09:20] sun2197: hahaha
[09:20] sun2197: ok, maybe i was wrong
[09:20] sun2197: ;)
[09:20] ciababy:: you must got a lucky charm thal!
[09:20] sun2197: maybe korea can pull it off in the sudden death
[09:20] ciababy:: so it’s 1:1
[09:20] sun2197: lol
[09:21] sun2197: yep!
[09:21] ciababy:: omg stan is at some bar right now, so happy!
[09:21] sun2197: let’s see.. it’s playing the injury time now….
[09:21] ciababy:: 2 more minutes?
[09:22] ciababy:: they’re kickin so much! MAKE A GOAL DAMNIT
[09:22] sun2197: where are you watching?
[09:23] ciababy:: oh just the espn stuff and it says ” KOR kick”
[09:23] sun2197: hahaha
[09:23] ciababy:: all these korean names kickin lol
[09:23] sun2197: hahaha
[09:24] ciababy:: i love this morning at 8am b4 i left my house, the announcer’s like “and Kim kicks it to Kim and passes it to Kim” it’s like 9 Kims in that shit LOL
[09:24] sun2197: hahahahaha!!!
[09:24] sun2197: that’s hillarious!
[09:25] sun2197: man, i wish i could watch this…
[09:25] sun2197: it sounds like a great game :(
[09:26] ciababy:: i know rite? ive been askin ppl in korea to send me fotos but i guess no on’es checkin grice from there coz they’re not home lol
[09:26] sun2197: lol lol
[09:27] ciababy:: unbelievable they dont have live video u kno? they can do a live victoria secret show online but not soccer

damn, right.

then, one less player for Italy. we’re incoherently excited…

[09:36] ciababy:: this Totti dude! damnit .. but he’s cute :P
[09:36] sun2197: lol
[09:36] sun2197: he’s good
[09:37] ciababy:: ooh yellow
[09:37] sun2197: that’s ok, italy has more :P
[09:38] ciababy:: damnit
[09:40] ciababy:: so close. that phrase kills me.
[09:40] sun2197: :P
[09:41] ciababy:: AHAHAH TOTTI!
[09:41] ciababy:: take that dude out!
[09:41] ciababy:: HAHAHA OUT!
[09:41] ciababy:: hahahahha
[09:41] sun2197: WOAHHHHHH
[09:41] ciababy:: oopsie
[09:41] sun2197: red card!!!!!!!!
[09:41] sun2197: oh oh oh
[09:41] ciababy:: bye bye cutie!
[09:41] sun2197: korea could win!!!
[09:41] sun2197: penalty!!?????
[09:41] ciababy:: whoa whoa whoa
[09:42] ciababy:: wow only 10 italian boys now
[09:42] sun2197: yeah
[09:42] sun2197: in the sudden death
[09:42] sun2197: hmmm :-/
[09:42] ciababy:: omg omg omg theres the chance!!!!!
[09:42] sun2197: oh boy…
[09:42] ciababy:: omg i can imagine the crowd goin crazy!!!
[09:43] sun2197: i wanna seeeeee

more excitment:

[09:47] sun2197: *please don’t let it be a penalty kick…..*
[09:47] sun2197: please please please
[09:49] ciababy:: UPDATE DAMNIT!
[09:49] sun2197: iknowwwwww!
[09:49] sun2197: there it is
[09:49] sun2197: they forgot to type
[09:49] sun2197: :-/
[09:49] ciababy:: lol they b watchin too
[09:49] sun2197: heee

imagine sitting in front of TV, screaming and yelling:

[09:50] ciababy:: ooh new foul
[09:50] ciababy:: aaaaaaaaack
[09:50] sun2197: shit shit
[09:51] sun2197: oh, damn
[09:51] ciababy:: damnit
[09:51] ciababy:: ay yay yay

we still manage to insert girly talk here and there:

[09:51] sun2197: man, the none of the korean soccer player are cute :-/
[09:52] ciababy:: pwahahahaha
[09:52] ciababy:: theres one actually.. he has long hair
[09:52] sun2197: #19?
[09:52] ciababy:: lemme find him
[09:53] ciababy:: yeah! #19 is ok lookin
[09:53] sun2197: whew
[09:53] ciababy:: i love how their tips are all frosted
[09:53] sun2197: hahaha
[09:54] ciababy:: they can all be loreal models

… then, it happened, again:

[09:55] ciababy:: GOAL!

the MatchCast window says: Goal!!

but who scored?

[09:55] ciababy:: WHA?
[09:55] sun2197: wha?
[09:56] sun2197: wait
[09:56] sun2197: OH NO
[09:56] ciababy:: FUCK

but then:

[09:56] sun2197: wait
[09:56] sun2197: not
[09:56] sun2197: no no no
[09:56] ciababy:: OHS HIT
[09:56] ciababy:: US!!!!!!!!!!
[09:56] ciababy:: ahhahahahaha
[09:56] sun2197: no more italy!!!!
[09:56] sun2197: HAHAHAHHA
[09:56] sun2197: LOL LOL LOL
[09:57] ciababy:: OMG I WANNA SEE THE CROWD!
[09:57] ciababy:: omgomgomg
[09:57] sun2197: *dances*
[09:58] ciababy:: lol espn site goes down
[09:58] sun2197: LOL hahaha
[09:59] ciababy:: look at the live fotos! maaaaaaaaaaaan
[09:59] sun2197: where?
[09:59] ciababy:: down in lwoer frame on the matchcast
[09:59] ciababy:: theyre so happy
[09:59] sun2197: omg, it s long
[10:00] ciababy:: and it’s the cutie who saves the day too
[10:00] sun2197: yea, the good looking one… muah.
[10:00] ciababy:: omg i know
[10:00] ciababy:: MUAH!
[10:00] ciababy:: lol

… and the day goes by with me all jumpy.

it reminds me of times back home when World Cup is a big deal, the kids are allowed to stay up late to watch the game. the whole family would sit in front of the TV with blanket and pop corn. except this time: we’re doing everything through the internet…

~ comment (6) ~

brilliant goal too… glad to see italy given a wake-up call and the underdogs come away with a well-deserved victory.

~jon | 18 June 2002 - 10:12 | reply

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal! we’re watching the spain game, ok?

cia | 18 June 2002 - 10:22 | reply

lol we sound so funny

cia | 18 June 2002 - 12:11 | reply

jon: i envy you for being able to watch the game instead of reading announcer’s line on the web every minute.

thalia | 18 June 2002 - 12:29 | reply

thalia - i feel your pain though. i had to suffer through the Philips Matchcast for England’s last game as it was blocked here in Germany. however, it was quite exciting when the little bell played for a goal.

jon | 18 June 2002 - 03:14 | reply

The game was so exciting!! Aigghhtt?

Ja-K | 18 June 2002 - 10:34 | reply