~ more badminton! ~

02 June 2002

i woke up this morning, and i realized how sore my ass is. i think it’s all the badminton and walk i did yesterday. ouch.

i actually like being sore. i’m probably wrong, but it makes me feel healthy, as in i exercise. in this case, i convinced myself that my butt is now 1” smaller. so, ari and i played more badminton at the park next to my apartment — which in my mind, is a butt-reducing attempt. and this time, i played longer and more fearceful.

now, i get my thighs sore too. perhaps, it’s a bit hard to walk. but, again, it feels goooood. should i say 1” off each thigh?

after midnight: it’s 1 AM and i went to generationrice to see the news before bed. and i read “… we’re fixing the templates to go past ten pages.”

oh, fuck. i’m supposed to do that early this weekend, but the whole central park thing was so damn relaxing, i completely forgot. so cia, i’m sorry. it’s really late, but it’s all fixed for all sections. please update Miriam’s travelog :)