~ MET + Central Park + Badminton ~

01 June 2002

great, relaxing day. it started out with ari and i met up with scogin to see Oldenburg and van Bruggen on the Roof and Paul Klee’s stuff on MET.

then the three of us walked around Central Park which was totally packed. the park looked more like a green beach. people here, people there. lots of skin and bikini laying around. it was an incredible sight.

ari is also scouting for places to let our turtles to the wild. he wants to let them out in central park. so we visited the Turtle Pond… i was amazed on how many happy turtles there. they are all red-eared sliders too. i was against the idea of releasing our turtles, but after seeing the turtle pond… i don’t know. i might be ok with it.

then we met up with liz, who’s in the middle of reading her book at the park. the sky was soooo blue, which explains why the park was full of people trying to get tan. we played badminton with the stuff we bought last weekend. we socialized with a very smart little dog, named Calvin.

we ended the day with dinner at Jackson Hole. terrific burger, i must say. i don’t normally like thick meaty burger, but this one is so damn yummy.

i got home around 11 in the evening, ended up sleeping around 4 in the morning watching Godfather. the the second and the third will be for tomorrow.

the rest of the picture is here.