~ swollen eye + new hair color ~

28 May 2002

for those of you who are in love, this may be helpful. although i don’t agree with “… Companies such as Office Depot, Kinko’s and Staples sell specialty paper which adds major impact to your letter….” (link via Vanda).

my right eye is still swollen. it’s been all puffy since saturday night, 3 days ago. ari thinks i didn’t clean my eye thoroughly, i think it’s all because he poked it. so i’ve been wearing my glasses. that way, i can hide the puffiness and see everything at the same time. so far, no one at work noticed that my right eye is fatter than the other….


along the same line, no one noticed the new hair color either. as i expected, the dye doesn’t do much to my black hair. the only difference i can see is when i’m under the sun, under strong light or sitting next to the window: it has brownish red glow. so, kyna, you may wanna try to use Winnie’s hair color brand instead.

anyways, take a look at italian doggies. jane and vicki just spent 1 1/2 weeks up there :)

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hi thalia! ah if only red hair would stay that red all the time. i’m sure in about 2 weeks, it will get all mucky. take care!

winnie | 28 May 2002 - 05:35 | reply