~ friday 5 on saturday ~

25 May 2002

this is my first Friday Five, and today is not even a friday…

1. What’s the last vivid dream that you remember having?
today while sleeping on the couch, i dreamt that i walked around with a bunch of friends i dont recognize in this Italian Restaurant neighborhood. people were eating outside, sitting on the tables in the sidewalk. it was a nice day, the sky was blue. i was very sure of it, cause i was looking at the sky — which was blue, of course — when i saw a missile coming my way. it got bigger and bigger and finally it crashed into and exploded in my right eye. i woke up in pain and was horrified, thinking that i would be blinded for life. turned out that ari accidentally poked my eye.

2. Do you have any recurring dreams?
yep, many. my favorite one is i float in a room, usually my room.

3. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?
i have many nightmares, usually involving people trying to kill me. the last one i remember is on my birthday, 5 days ago, i had 3 dreams in a row with the same theme, but different visualization. one of them was i lived in this village where there is a monster who comes by once a month and eat 1 villager. it came by today, so, we had a town meeting, discussing who’s gonna be the meal for this month. the villager head came out with this new law, where the birthday person for that day will be the unlucky person. i remember thinking, oh this sucks. it doesn’t sound that so scary, but i was all tensed during the meeting. after the meeting, i was scared shitless trying to face my faith as lunch. i woke up sad and upset.

4. Have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? Why or why not?
oh, i have. i used to be able to remember my dreams, but lately, they got forgotten 5 minutes after i wake up. the reason i haven’t written down my dreams is because i like sleeping. and i’d rather continue sleeping than writing the dreams right after i wake up.

5. Have you ever had a lucid dream? What did you do in it?
yeah, that happens quite a lot too, especially in those reccuring dreams. it happens so often that i knew it was just a dream. i usually tried to alter the story…

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weird. i was telling ari tonight about waking life, then came home to watch the rest of it. it’s all about dreams. your entry was the first thing i read after i finished watching it.

after you see it (which you should, though I bet a lot of it will bore you to tears), you’ll understand how weird it seems….

gweld | 25 May 2002 - 11:11 | reply