~ elevator rant ~

06 September 2000

i need to vent: one of the two elevators in my office broke. this sucks big time. both of the elevators are slow and over-crowded to begin with. now, that’s only one left, the line to get into the elevator is just ridiculously long. it’s a pain in the ass to take a smoke break and lunch. i’m almost always late for meetings, cause i can’t get up at the office on time. why don’t you take the stairs, you ask…. well, i’m a smoker. i have short breath. i can’t talk for the first 5 minutes after the stair climbing… that’s not good for meetings. so, if you could take 2 minutes off and pray with me to get the elevator fixed, i’d appreciate it…. thanks.

why is there braille on drive-up teller machines? now i know why… ari said that he already knew, but never bothered to tell me.

today’s links: carhartt, 4130 and today’s fave… poptics!

wow, onyro’s new interface is up. this time, you need Flash 5! check it out… it’s awesome!