~ new splash for avocadolite ~

05 September 2000

ok, the splash for avocadolite.com i talked about earlier is done. so, go see it… the robot used as a model is ari’s kit model. he made that little robot when he was still a fourth grader. so, he doesn’t remember anymore what’s the name of the robot. i’ll post the picture of the robot tomorrow, cause i can’t download pictures from my digital camera to a Mac (i’m using ari’s Mac right now)… if you know who’s the little guy is, could you let me know? we’re curious…

update: it turns out that our digital camera ran outta battery. so, the picture taken was looking bad, and even worse, we can’t download it to our comp… so, it seems like the picture of the little guy will not be available anytime soon. sorry….

this is one of ari’s favorite TV show. as a matter of fact, he’s watching it as i type these post.