~ knife skills + bugs ~

01 August 2000

“…there are knife skills dicing and chopping and then there are KNIFE SKILLS: jointing, filleting, boning, and butterflying…” weird. watch the lamb leg one, “… and then you cut through the joint…”

some people would probably hate me for this, but i downloaded ThirdVoice and loving it. yeah, i know it’s a graffiti tool. but it’s really cool. it helps me a lot in doing research. so, yeah, i like it. sorry….

matt emailed me today, telling me that there is a major bug on the avocadolite.com site when it’s viewed using IE 5.5. turns out that it was the same exact bug that ari and i found in IE 5 on Mac. basically, the text link on the scrolly thingie doesn’t do anything. if anyone know on how to resolve this, could you email me, please?