~ launching + me ugly ~

31 July 2000

i was on the train, on my way back from the office, when all of the sudden this little girl ran towards me from the other end of the car. she quickly sat next to me and kept looking at me. so, i smiled at her.

then, she said to me, “you have green hair…”

i smiled and said, “yes, i know.”

she looked concerned, and said, “it looks ugly…”

huh? did she really say ugly? i couldn’t believe she was that blunt. umm, what should i say back to her? i can’t say something mean. she’s probably only 7 years old. did anyone else hear what she just said? i think the train was pretty loud, so, no one can hear her except me. that’s good. i won’t look stupid in front of those people. but what should i say to her?

…. i was speechless. so i just smiled at her. then she ran back to the other end of the train to her mom and her little sister. geez, i can’t believe some stranger just called me ugly, and i couldn’t think of a good come back…

anyways, since avocadolite.com is not up yet, you can check out The Farm from Bang & Olufsen. ari said, “nice architecture integration w flash.”

update: woohoo! the new version of avocadolite.com has launched! we made it! we promised to launch on July 31, and it’s 5 minutes before midnight. cool, huh?

we encountered some Flash problems. they haven’t been completely resolved. so in the next few days, a better flash interface will be up. meanwhile, enjoy what we got… =)