~ Savannah ~

18 November 2000

whee! we got to Savannah yesterday around noon. there was this little boy sat in front of ari in the plane. he’s about 2 years old… and he didn’t stop screaming and crying all the way from NY to Savannah. he pooped too. so for about an hour before the plane landed, the plane was a bit stinky…. but other than that, everything was great!

Savannah is a beautiful town. looks a bit old and scary with all those willow trees. Ramanda, my brother, said that the town looks like the set of Resident Evil…. hehe.

wow, i found pixel flo… i haven’t browsed around too deep, cause i was stuck playing their puzzle thing. damn. good stuff.

felicia’s six.nu is back online. with new layout and new color scheme. orange….. =)

we’re planning to buy those little instant cameras… so we’ll post the pictures once we get it developed… cool?