~ travelling nightmare ~

19 November 2000

ugh, Delta Airlines is a pain in the ass. ari and i were supposed to leave Savannah at 1:45pm and get to NY around 5. we didn’t leave Savannah until 6:45pm… and it’s not even with Delta.

what happened was the plane we’re supposed to go with had a “mechanical problem”. at first, it was delayed 10 minutes. and then, 20 minutes. and then, another 10 minutes. after about an hour after the time it was supposed to depart, the guy on the counter said that the pilot can’t start the engine…. hmm….

people got nervous, so did i. the next announcement said that the plane will not leave till 7:30pm. uh oh! our connection in Atlanta left at 3:30… and we’re not gonna get there until 7:30?!? it got even worse when i told the guy in the counter about our connection. it turned out that there is no more connection to La Guardia airport from Atlanta after 7:20, which means we’re gonna be stuck in Atlanta for a day… NOOOO!

to make the long story short, we managed to book the last seat on Continental Airlines at 6:45. but this flight arrives in Newark instead of La Guadia. but that’s ok, right? at least, we can get to NY today!

but of course, Delta can’t make things easy for us: we lost our baggage. it turned out that they’ve sent our luggage using the earlier flight… under someone else’s name! yes, they put someone else’s name on our luggage… those idiots! so my little bag is already in La Guardia. but since it’s already 11:30pm, they can’t deliver it to us until tomorrow…. no soap, no tooth brush, no cellphone charger for tonight.