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12 May 2002

Sunday was rainy — the opposite of Saturday. so we did the exact opposite of what we did on Sunday. i didn’t left my apartment at all. ari and i spent the whole day building the shelves and drawers… i felt like Bob Villa. by the end of the day, the neighbor below me slipped a death threat note underneath my door. Stop banging the floor, she said.

wishlist: this will be my next computer. it’s so cuuuute! i realized the keyboard would be very small, but that’s ok, i have small fingers.

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gweld | 12 May 2002 - 10:54 | reply

wow.. it’s a sony :)

godote | 12 May 2002 - 10:59 | reply

LOL! that’s hilarious! what a psycho neighbor.

rossy | 13 May 2002 - 10:16 | reply

oo… the first thing i noticed was the cute girl holding the computer. You can’t see her face but i’m sure she’s a cute japanese girl.

mike | 15 May 2002 - 01:59 | reply