~ alligator tapas + furnitures ~

11 May 2002

i ate alligator and ostrich meat today! ari and i met up with cia, stan, harry and anna to have drinks and dinner. we started with just hanging out at Union Square, then get a drink at the Beauty Bar. the weather started to get chilly so ari ended up buying a light jacket.

the next stop was Divine Bar at midtown. the place was so nice that i thought they were gonna kick me out for wearing sandals. they had all kinds of wine and wild tapas. so we tried the alligator cakes (instead of crab cakes) and the ostrich. i’ve always wanted be able to say, “i’ve eaten alligator…”.

but then again, it was just tapas. we were still hungry. so, we decided to have couple more drinks before going to get a real dinner. we stopped by Swim and had a couple of drinks. we finally get real hungry and ready to go to Noodle Town. everytime i hang out late at night with Cia, we always end the night here. perfect food for drunk people. so, we stuffed our tummy and then went home with full stomach and happy to go to bed.

earlier that day: the furnitures i bought from IKEA a couple weeks ago were supposed to arrive today, between 11am and 2pm. it was a beautiful day, but i couldn’t go anywhere until they delivered the stuff. of course they ended up here exactly at 2pm….

regardless of the delivery issue, IKEA is great! all my 4 chairs, 2 bookshelves and a 6-drawer cabinet all folded and taken apart into flat boxes, that the delivery dudes can bring them up to my apartment in 1 trip. and we built 4 chairs in less than an hour. we still have the cabinets to assemble. hopefully, they’re as easy as the chairs.