~ Boston trip ~

03 May 2002

i woke up at 4:30 in the morning. it’s been years since i intentionally wake up that early. i was supposed to meet them at the Penn Station around 6:45AM and our train will depart at 7:03. it was my first time riding the train in the US. Acela was very nice and clean. it has a really cool bathroom too —which i forgot to take picture of.

i haven’t been to Boston in 5 years. so, i was quite excited. we picked the day to go when the weather was extremely windy. sunny, but windy. there are times when i was afraid the orange cones on the street would fly and hit my head. but i guess, since it was a business trip, i didn’t really get to see anything. but, of course, i took a few picture of the train station i arrived at…


i knew it’s not much, but that’s the only place i had time to take picture at.