~ glasses problem ~

02 May 2002

what a crappy day. the sky was grey with patches of fog here and there. it was rainy too… light rain and annoying wind.

on the way to work, the wind blew my umbrella to the right. the umbrella hit my head and knocked my glasses over — i don’t usually wear glasses, but my head hurts so i didn’t want to wear my contacts. struggling to hold the tote bag that was about to fly away and the umbrella that just didn’t stop hitting my head, i finally got to put my glasses back on. but… wait. why everything is blurry?

well, it turned out that the impact of the umbrella knocked the left lense of my glasses off…. on to the pavement… somewhere.

i’m sure i looked stupid enough to begin with when the umbrella hit my head and all… but crawling on the ground — half blind —, looking for a piece of glass in the rain made me feel quite pathetic. it definitely was not feeling i want to start my morning with.

~ comment (2) ~

awww sorry to hear that *hugs*

Icha | 4 May 2002 - 03:59 | reply

geez.. it’s one of those days huh ? be tough, though..

Ganesha Tamzil | 4 May 2002 - 12:42 | reply