~ so damn hot! ~

02 June 2000

NY reached 93 degrees today. the weather was kinda strange. during the day it was very hot and humid. right after we had dinner, the sky turned grey and rain started pouring hard. it all happened within 2 minutes. people on the street were running around looking for shelters. some people were just gave up and let themselves soaked. i tried to use my umbrella, but it was too windy that umbrellas and shelter didn’t do anything. and 2 minutes later, the rain stopped leaving everyone completely soaked. seriously, it happened so fast!

anyways, right after work, ari and i installed my AC. as i said on my last year’s entry, my AC unit is HUGE! it was a struggle to put it up on the window. but now, my room is nice and cool. bebe (my bunny) is quite happy too.

random linky: more xmen trailer! this one is longer. but then, you better use fast connection, or you’ll wait forever downloading the quicktime movie.

along the same line, check out The Villains of Marvel Comics! much props to those guys who compiled the list!

oh, hahaha…. Pete send me an email titled “when flash attacks”. it’s Ben and Jerry’s going Flash!

you gotta admit this MTV creation is awesome! my jaw dropped. really cool. *drools*

Onyro is going baby blue now. to tell you the truth, i like this version much better than the pink version. so, go blue!

still dwelling with flash. new toy again. this one reminds me of the constructor from Soda. kinda similar, although one is using DHTML and the other one is using Flash…

later that day: dammit! dreamhost is acting funny. i can’t upload some files, now this weblog looks screwy. i can’t check my email either…. hmm, i hope they get this work soon.