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10 April 2002

i still hate tax season. i took a half day off from work to do *just* taxes. supposedly, i have evolved to a person that has more than just a W-2 form needed to file taxes. i got papers from the stock investment (that due to the market crash on 9-11, i lost tons of money) and papers from the freelance stuff that ari did. i don’t even know where to start to fill up the tax form….

so i left work around 3:30, met with ari, had a late lunch — at 5pm — and went to the H&R Block near my apartment. it took the both of us 2 1/2 hours to complete our taxes, with a help of Mr. Herb. he was very chatty… his birthday was a couple of days before mine, his social security number is quite close to mine… we were almost twins except for the fact that my age is only 1/3 of his.

i ended up have to pay H&R Block 250 bucks to do my taxes — Herb said that i got so much junk (aka. papers and forms to fill out) — and owing IRS a couple thousand dollars. yikes!

first of all, i didn’t know that i still have to pay taxes even though, overall, i lost money on that damn stocks i invest (so much of an investment… ugh). secondly, they took so much from the freelance stuff we did!!! oh man, i’m broke.

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