~ Texans Take the Canada Quiz ~

12 May 2000

gawd! this is fuckin’ 10:28pm, according to my computer clock, and i’m still here at work waiting for ari to finish working. i’m so hungry…. i didn’t know he would take this long to finish. if i knew, i would’ve left earlier. o well.

anyways, i was talking to Mike while waiting for ari. he’s from Texas, and i showed him Scogin’s site where there is an interview about Texans Take the Canada Quiz. you should see it too, cause i think it’s really funny. i just saw it about a week ago, while he made the video about 3 years ago, or so….. but yeah… go check it out, especially if you live in Texas or if you’re a Canadian.

addition: i dunno why i post this link. maybe because i accidentally found it when i downloaded AIM for my computer in the office.