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13 May 2000

i never bother to check my expiration date’s tracker cause it has a sad amount of traffic…. as you can see. i check the tracker of avocadolite.com once a day, though. cause that’s where the traffic is. well, you can’t see that one, cause it’s password protected.

but today, i decided to check the tracker, thanks to tuesday. i feel loved.

oh oh! adobe is coming out with illustrator 9!

“Now you can use these fast, flexible tools to transform your creative ideas into sophisticated graphics for use on the Web, in print, or in dynamic media projects.”

they finally integrate web stuff into illustrator… they even have a tutorial in making flash movies using illistrator layers. YAY! i hope Bolt, the place where i work, will buy this awesome program… and does anyone know where i can find a *free* one? hehe…

update: my family now have their own domain name. isn’t that cute? the site will be the place where my counsins, aunts and uncles, even grandparents post their life updates. cool, huh? my cousin, wanda and her dad will be the maintenance peeps.

maybe we should have them do blogger and UBB… and all the web trends.