~ the chat meeting ~

23 May 1999

today, i went to the biggest chat meeting i’ve ever been. there are total of 9 yahoo chatters there, although some left before the other came…

we’re supposed to meet up at 11 in the morning in front of Harmony Palace, a dimsum restaurant in Chinatown, NY. but we (ari and i) were late almost half an hour… blame it to the subway and the rain.. hehehe…

by the time i got to ari’s house, it was already 10:30. we’re definitely would be late. and, yeah.. we got to harmony palace around 11:40. really late… thank god Chung is still waiting outside the restaurant.

in the restaurant, we met Janet (Metfanne), Heather (Some1_in_NYC), Jean (i don’t know her exact handle, but supposedly it’s asianchick_NJ, or something like that), Leonard (Chinese_Prince) and Alice (tiara34). Alice is from Montreal (!!). she went to NYC for her cousin’s wedding, and took time to meet with us. cool, huh? oh by the way, Chung’s handle is Cycopath, mine is sun2197, and ari’s is Ari74.

the dimsum was great! i ate some stuff that i never thought it would taste that good. alice was in charge in choosing the menu, since she’s the only one who speaks Cantonese fluently (and she paid all of it too!)… thanks, Alice! it was one good dimsum there… :)

after the dimsum, Janet had to leave for Ohio. She’s having an interview at Abercrombie and Fitch, Inc. cool, huh? she even went to the dimsum bringing her bag of clothes and her portfolio!

after Janet left, we decided to go bowling, since we cannot do any outdoor thing due to the rain. I haven’t been to that bowling alley, but it’s located near 12th street. i’m not sure what it’s called. Jean didn’t play cause she needs to leave in the middle of the game (she came all the way from New Jersey). so the 6 of us played bowling. I didn’t do that bad, considering my average bowl was around 40’s… (hehe, yeah, i’m that bad). i bowled 74!! yippie!

leonard was the highest… he got 144! left the rest of us with only half of his score… i guess, chatters are not meant to bowl. I love Heather for making me feel good, since she got the lower score than me… *grin*

after bowling, we went to a cafe in the east village area. and Greta (keychain87) joined us there. she just got to NYC from New Jersey. and she bought me a birthday present… CHOCOLATE! hehehe…

not long after Greta arrived, Alice and Leonard had to leave to catch Alice’s flight going back to Montreal. Leonard is driving Alice to JFK. so, basically, from 9 of us, the only new york residence are Chung, Ari, Janet, Heather and me.

the rest of us stayed in the cafe for another hour or two, talking and laughing. i think the waitress had gotten annoyed with us for staying so long and only bought coffee…

we left the cafe around 7 in the evening, and we all went separate ways after convincing Greta that subway is not as dangerous as she thinks. hee hee, her first time riding train in NYC by herself. good job in convincing!