~ dynamic site launched ~

30 January 2000

it’s snowing today. scogin has been praying for this weekend to snow, so that he doesn’t have to go to Detroit on Monday. i was like.. no way. the guy in the news said it wouldn’t be snowing till Wednesday. but it did. i guess, if you pray enough, you’d get what you want.

anyways… YAY! our dynamic version of avocadolite.com has finally launched! yeap, we follow the flash trend. and i’m very excited about that. so, you should check it out… =)

we’ve been planning for this flash version since we’re making the layout, but never got around to work on it. at the beginning, we just wanted to have the buttons moving around in circle. but then, we got this idea of creating sense of depth by making the buttons smaller to make it seem further away. so we did. but we had this layer problem that we still don’t know how to solve. sometimes, the smaller button (which is supposed to be further away) cross in front of the bigger button, ruining the sense of depth we wanted to achive.

so, if you have any suggestion on how to tackle this problem, let me know!