~ eyebrows ~

22 January 2000

i’ve been feeling cute lately (hah!). i think it’s because my hair finally reaches its desired length and i just found out how to draw my eyebrows better. i’m obsessed with eyebrows. i do not wear make up at all, not even lipstick, except for penciled eyebrows. the girly stuff i carry on my bag are only chapstick, my Cover Girl eyebrow pencil and its sharpener.

anyways, ari and i went to see Galaxy Quest. that movie is hillarious! i have to admit that i am a Star Trek fans… not a hardcore one, but enough to appreciate the jokes on Galaxy Quest. i even choked on M&Ms from laughing. i’ve never been a fan of Sigourney Weaver, especially after watching her on Alien Ressurection… but she’s very funny on this movie. it’s not the typical character she usually plays.

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oh my gosh!!im totally upsessed with eyebrows too!!

tiff | 22 June 2003 - 10:32 | reply