~ eating disorder victim ~

20 January 2000

i just heard a sad and twisted story today. a friend of ari’s sister died of eating disorder. i’m not sure if she was a bulimic or an anorixic, but the death sounded horrifying.

her decaying body was found in her apartment last December. her neighbor called the police reporting there was a strange smell coming from her apartment. she’s been dead for 2 weeks and only weighed 40 pounds when they found her… that’s not even half of my weight.

she was an international student from Indonesia who went to school in the US. and i guess, she didn’t go back to Indonesia this past Christmas. that’s why her family didn’t look for her. actually, no one looked for her. she didn’t have any friend. it’s very ironic that she wanted to be skinny so that she would look pretty… but in reality, no one noticed her enough even when she’s missing for 2 weeks.

it’s sad and upseting. i’ve personally never have eating disorder problem… so, i guess that’s why i can’t understand why an adult doesn’t seek for help when they only weigh 40 pounds. it’s obviously NOT a healthy weight.

so many questions popped up on my mind. why didn’t anyone around her noticed that she had a problem? no matter what, she’s too skinny for a normal person. how come her family didn’t know that their daughter was sick? she obviously had a psychological problem. why didn’t anyone see that? i guess, i don’t know her in person. maybe i shouldn’t make any judgement toward anyone around her…

it’s just a depressing story… *sigh*