~ bad luck? oh yes! ~

20 July 1999

yeap. first of all, Ari forgot his mom’s birthday. She called his apartment, but no one answered. of course, he was on the net the whole day doing his website. She most likely assumed that he’s with me. and that’s NOT good. why? cause she hates my guts. she doesn’t like her boy is taken by a “slacker” like ME. Shit. And she might be assuming (or i assume that she assumes) that the reason her son forgot her birthday is because he was too busy spending time with ME….

So anyway… driven by guilt, Ari decided to go back to his apartment… and maybe it’s mom’s curse, the bad things began…

it was 1:30 in the morning. we walked to the train station, nothing happened. until we got on the train. the train’s door didn’t open on 67th Avenue, where we’re supposed to get off. it stops. but the conductor forgot to open the fuckin door…. sheesh!

then we had to stop on 63rd Rd. as the train stopped, we saw the train on the opposite track came in. so we rushed to the other side. but we realized that no way to go to the other side without getting out from the station. that means we had to pay again…. and we heard the train left. SHIT!

the next train is gonna be a while. pissed and sweating, we complained to the guy on the booth (who, of course, didn’t care at all) so that we could re-enter the station to the other side for free.

so we waited. and ari was on his worst mood which didn’t make the sizzling station feel any cooler.

finally, the train came. we rode off to 67th Avenue, got off and walked to Ari’s home. the sweat was really annoying.

as we got to the apartment, we realized that the door was chained from the inside. DAMMIT!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! he didn’t (he means Mike, Ari’s roommate), pay all the rent. Ari paid his share! in frustration, we tried to unlock the chain from the outside. what a stupid idea! it was designed to prevent such a thing. DOH!

we took turn ringing the doorbell and making attempt to unlock that damn chain. for fuckin 30 minutes! and for goodness sake, neither of them (mike nor yanti) woke up. i think we woke up the neighbor, but not mike and yanti… ARGH!

after 30 minutes plus my blood was boiled from anger and the hot weather, we gave up. we got out of the apartment, looked for pay phone nearby and called mike from there. surprisingly, he answered the phone… makes me wonder what the use of the doorbell for…..

I was tired, hot and very pissed. why did we try that hard to unlock the chain anyway? it’s sunday and i have to work tomorrow. why can’t we jsut go back to my apartment, and rest? and i’m really pissed at Mike.

funny thing is, when we got to ari’s apartment, he can’t call his mom, cause he hasn’t paid his phone bill. so… why are we here, again?!? sheesh….