~ 2000’s last friday! ~

29 December 2000

today is the last day i’m working this year… we had champagne and karaoke in the office. well, only one person did the karaoke. i guess, singing in front of co-workers is one of the most popular phobias.

update: oh good news, everyone! last night, i got an email from dreamhost saying that both avocadolite.com and yobotica has moved to a new server. following this, we got a new admin panel as well. so, ari and i can do so much more with our accounts. yay! so, wait for new stuff from us! =)

linkydink: oh la la… so good! so entertaining! and a totally new way to navigate (if you don’t click the link on the bottom).

great! the new MONO*CRAFTS is up! visit and be inspired, especially if you’re a flash junkie.

take a peek at Matt’s site, stunuh.com, before he changes his layout again…