~ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ~

30 December 2000

right at this moment, NYC is having a winter storm. it’s only noon, and there is already about a feet of snow outside. how exciting!

i love a lot of snow. not just snow, it’s gotta be a lot of snow. i have to be able to feel that i’m walking on snow…. i guess, this is because i never have to clean up after it. no driveway to shovel, no stairs to salt… it’s all good. it’s just pretty.

update: woohoo! i got this baby launched today. no more blogger and all its trouble (except for the news area for avocadolite.com). i’m learning to like greymatter. the templates are kinda confusing, but i think i’m getting a hang of it.

and what do you think about the new layout? sorry, no more mario. i’ve got too much trouble from it. besides, i’ve been into girly illustrations lately. so, might as well put it up here…

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nice new look. I like this greymatter thing more than blogger too.

mike | 30 December 2000 - 05:41 | reply

oops, almost forgot.


wing | 30 December 2000 - 06:09 | reply

blogger’s being mean to me too, i should switch to greymatter soon.

oh yea, i walked to queen center today (i live in queens! 8 blocks away…) and there were about 3 open stores: macy’s, a shoe store and the italian food place. fun fun.

wing | 30 December 2000 - 06:09 | reply

yeah, hopefully this greymatter thing works better than blogger. no more missing posts! yay!

wing, i live in Queens too. i tried to go outside today to get bagels, and it took me almost 5 minutes to walk a block! the snow was unbelivably thick and the wind kept pushing me out of the way. so… no more going outside for me today… =)

thalia | 30 December 2000 - 07:09 | reply

=) walking in snow is pretty good if you walk in the quiet nice streets. (those places are also the ones with the most snow since ppl are too lazy to shovel) the snow next to queens center smelled like pee, and the snow around queens blvd was all yucky, mushy and stuff.

well my mom said that the tv said that there’d be more snow tonight so there’s still gonna be 8 inches of snow tomorrow morning. guess no going outside tomorrow too…

wing | 30 December 2000 - 07:20 | reply

i’ve thought about trying greymatter, but I don’t currently have CGI access. does it have all the user-oriented, robust (there’s an overused cliche term) functionality of blogger?

I do like the new look though (i miss the kool textured palettes but I’m glad that you have archived previous designs for my enjoyment).


michael72 | 31 December 2000 - 08:52 | reply

greymatter is pretty good. it has most of blogger’s functionality plus no lag (cause everything resides on your own server). it even has rating system and multiple users, which i don’t use in this case. the only thing that i miss from blogger is the “BlogThis” feature — a link that resides on your desktop and all you have to do is drag it to your browser whenever you wanna post.

thalia | 1 January 2001 - 02:26 | reply