~ da reboot thing + zip drive ~

25 February 2001

does anyone know when the deadline of May 1st Reboot sign up? ari and i are debating if we should join. we know for sure that we’re going to redesign avocadolite.com soon, but not sure how soon we can get it done. heck, yobotica hasn’t even finished yet.

anyways, i finally got my new zip drive working on my laptop… yippee! that little thing is pretty sweet.

my new zippy!

it’s so small that it fits easily inside my purse (not that i would carry it around in my purse). it’s also USB-powered, meaning no more messy wire and electrical plug. just one wire connecting to my laptop and the baby is runnin’. yay!

~ comment (2) ~

*nods head* yes indeed, i just bought the same zip for my g3, so compact i love it!! =)

Navin | 26 February 2001 - 04:06 | reply

yep, that’s another thing… one zip drive works for both mac and pc! i’m loving it.

thalia | 27 February 2001 - 10:27 | reply