~ reboot thing part 2 ~

27 February 2001

so we signed up for May 1st Reboot. right now, ari is busy making logo for the site. we talked about some ideas for the redesign in the subway on the way home from work. but it got cut off since i felt sick and about to puke… i seriously think there is something wrong with my stomach. ugh.

this has nothing to do with my stupid stomach, but go visit George’s site. he’s a fellow Product Architect at work. the other day, we both tried to make his blog archives work… now that it’s working, he wants to show it off to everyone.

hmm, one of the logos that ari drew looks like the logo of “cotton”… you know that commercial, right? … dum dum dum… the fabric of our lives…

i think i need to go to sleep now.

10 minutes later: the computer crashed and ari forgot to save the file. no more cotton and 8 other logos. d’oh!

linkydink: got home around 11pm and ate (ari cooked a delicious Japanese Curry Rice). sorry, i’m too exhausted to post anything. so here is factory 512. they just had a facelift the other day.

~ comment (2) ~

sometimes i wish computers would be like people and be kind: “you didn’t save this, but i took the liberty of doing it anyways, go find it in this folder…” :) that’d rock so hard! *hugs her computer*, i bet MY computer would do it for me.

tek | 27 February 2001 - 03:28 | reply

*sigh*… to bad mine doesn’t… *kicks her computer*

thalia | 27 February 2001 - 11:15 | reply