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01 July 2001

ack. i haven’t finished changing the layout, but i have to go buy stuff for dinner. so, if things look weird. sorry. i’ll be back in a couple of hours.

later that night: ok, that’s a bit more than a couple of hours. so, i did some small tweak here and there. i still don’t like the comment area, but it’s kinda late (11.40pm). this layout has been sitting on my computer for almost a month. i wasn’t satisfied with the image above — still haven’t — but i figured, i should start using it soon before i get too tired of it. this layout is an attempt to use css, hence it has no table! woohoo, i’m so proud of myself.

i also took the poll down. sorry… but i couldn’t make it work on certain pages. i’ll put it back up once i figure out a way to make to work. meanwhile, if you find any bugs, have comments or find things that look funny, please let me know. that’d be a huge help.

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man i totally love the layout DON”T CHANGE

kerri | 1 July 2001 - 11:30 | reply

looks good. Everything seems so big with this layout. I’m used to it being small. Now I can’t tell that a girl designed it. Its not a good or a bad thing.. its just not.. ehh girly anymore.

mike | 2 July 2001 - 02:22 | reply

ugh! you want to leave netscape behind? coz it’s ruin your CSS.

anyway, cool graphic you have, what is it? chicken? half an hour lost just try to figure it out.. :)

core | 2 July 2001 - 04:57 | reply

core — yeah, i scrapped NS4 and below all together. but this layout has been tested on IE5+ and NS6, both on Mac and PC.

thalia | 2 July 2001 - 09:43 | reply

I’m luvin this new layout!!!! It is awful perty!!

Darian | 2 July 2001 - 03:36 | reply

halo mbak! wah good banget nih yang ini layout nya, gayanya memang nggak terlalu girly sih, tapi tetep bagus. background nya ngingetin aku sama gridsnya illustrator hehehe.. =)

wanda | 3 July 2001 - 05:39 | reply

Whoa, Thal - this layout ROCKS! I love it! Don’t change!!!

from above | 3 July 2001 - 03:27 | reply


love the top though

johnnie | 5 July 2001 - 11:59 | reply

too big, eh? hee hee. i just made the font a bit smaller. i hope that helps.

thalia | 6 July 2001 - 05:50 | reply

one word


Atilla | 10 July 2001 - 04:57 | reply