~ 5th of july ~

05 July 2001

so, yesterday was the 4th of july… happy birthday U.S. of A. i didn’t go to see the fireworks, since my mom was a bit tired. i guess that’s ok, since it was so cloudy outside.

ari is coming back tonight from Kansas City. woohooo! i miss him a whole lot. i’m sure this weekend is gonna be fun with ari, my mom and my brother being around.

by the way, two days ago the traffic to avocadolite jumped about 4-5 times higher. the traffic source was from this site (thanks sooo much!)… this URL, to be exact. the problem is i have to register in order to see the URL…. and the registration form is in korean. i don’t know korean… so, can anyone help me out here? i just wanna see the link…

i also add bonesteel into my bookmark. nicely designed, interesting stuff and she’s in NYC too! and this is one of the nicest things ever said to me and ari. *blushes*.