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09 July 2001

starting with links: pomegranita and Dysfunction8. and Design for Chunks is awesome…. designer-barf-bag, brought to you by Forcefeed:swede

this weekend, mom, bro, ari and i were going to go to PS1. but when we got there, the line already wrapped around the block. soooo long line. i met a couple of friends there who are already on the line. we even supposed to meet with a bunch of other friends inside. but seeing the line that long, we gave up.

instead, went to do lotsa shopping. we went to get many Japanese comics and CDs. also got a green minidisc recorder/player for me, a Playstation 2 console for my brother, and a Gameboy Advanced for my mom. we also bought many many games to go along with it :)

i guess i have nothing to complain about the PS1 stuff… i have loads of entertainment at my own apartment.

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