~ super passed away ~

07 August 2001

the superintendant of my apartment passed away this morning. there were flyers regarding that in both of the elevators, front door, stairwells and laundry room. i just moved to the building 3 months ago, so i haven’t gotten to know him well enough. he was pretty quick in fixing my stove problem, though.

the flyer says that “funeral arrangement to be announced”. what should i do to pay respect? i think it’s gonna be weird to go to the funeral, since i don’t know him well. knocking on their door and starts talking to them will be even more weird. not doing anything will make me feel bad. any suggestion?

… it’s so damn hot outside.

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gee…kewl abis

ocha | 12 August 2001 - 03:28 | reply

thanks ;)

thalia | 14 August 2001 - 06:45 | reply