~ U&D outting ~

08 August 2001

this IS an amazing flash folio.

last night, i went out the with the U&D peeps. Blind Tiger for the appetizer, Tortilla Flats main course and bingo (yes, bingo…), and White Horse for dessert. i won one bingo round, which got me 2 free tshirts — one of them says BIG BINGO WINNER on the back — and a free round of tequilla shot for the whole group (11 people). cool, eh?

on White Horse, we had a little arm wrestling competition going on, where almost the whole bar cheered at me and Jane. that was weird. i’ve never been cheered by random people, especially in a bar. i think my face turned red. my arms are still sore because of it.

jane has this really cool instant polaroid-ish camera from Fuji. it’s nice looking and make good pictures too. so, this is me with Jase’s huge sunglasses.

that shirt usually don’t look that bright on regular polaroid.

since tomorrow is the beach day, i went out and bought sunblock, a hat and swimsuit — yellow and orange 2-piece tankini. the bottom fits me perfectly, but the top is too big for me. hopefully, it’ll stay put on me tomorrow. i can’t afford to lose my top in front of that many people.

and for those of you who have kittens, beware of this. hot water and the spin… man, that gotta hurt (courtesy of gweld).