~ stupid human tricks ~

24 August 2001

i stuck my whole fist into my mouth (literally) in front of the whole company today. it’s a stupid human tricks exhibition day. and i think i looked stupid enough. i used to do that more often a while back. but i haven’t done that in a while, since i have a lock jaw problem. at the beginning, i was scared that my fist would get stuck inside of my mouth and i’ll be walking around with my fist in my mouth. that’d be scary. good thing it didn’t happen.

anyways, there are other cool ones for that exhibition… like stopping a spinning fan with his tongue (!!).

linky: take a look at Jennifer Sterling. very cool, very different flash site.

~ comment (2) ~

when you stuck your fist in your mouth it looked like you didn’t even have a hand! creeeeeeepythalia

george | 25 August 2001 - 11:57 | reply

LOL… i have big mouth and small hands. :-O

thalia | 27 August 2001 - 12:39 | reply