~ Brooklyn Museum of Art ~

25 August 2001

today, ari and i decided to go to Brooklyn Museum of Art to check out one of their exhibit, My Reality: Art and the Culture of Japanese Animation. my favorite would be the huge bunnies by Momoyo Torimitsu (the same person who did Miyata Jiro) and Takashi Murakami’s stuff. there are a lot more than that… but then again, i’m a fan of japanese animation and comics…

after that, we went to St. Marks to get some Takoyaki (mmm…). it turned out that they were having street fair there. so we hung out there longer than we planned to. we ended up buying some clothes, CDs and comics. i also took some photos while we’re there, so, i’ll put it up once they’re uploaded.

2 out of 4 Björk tickets i bought the other day have arrived. now, i’m all worried, since the other two hasn’t gotten here yet. why do they arrive at a different date?

two days later: here is the photos… it’s kinda boring, though.