~ table painting ~

06 January 2002

my dining table is now green with little flowers.

we were planning to buy chairs for it, but instead we bought a can of green paint. i wanted red at the beginning, but all the available red were a bit pinkish, so we ended up with green, instead.

it was fun, though. we digged my art supplies and found many tubes of acrylic paint that i used when i was still in college. we did small sketches on what to put on top of the green paint… and best of all, we finished it in only 3 hours — from a bare wooden table to this one! and in between, we also did some bug hunting.

my apartment has a lot of little flying bugs lately. so, while we’re waiting for the green paint to dry, we sprayed the apartment (after moving bebe, my bunny, to the bathroom) and started to hit them with broom. that was also fun.

anyways, if you would like to recommend a place to buy good sturdy dining chairs in New York City, i’d be very grateful :)

linkydink: biodigus, locker room design (my current wallpaper on my computer at work is from this site. veru cute!), naresearch.

~ comment (1) ~

I dont have dining table yet :)

planning to buy soon :)

but i’ve buy computer table hehe

godoet | 7 January 2002 - 02:18 | reply