~ snow! ~

08 January 2002

well, i’m 7 minutes late. it’s 7 minutes past midnight. it’s 12:07 AM. and the things i was planning to write here is about this afternoon. so, let’s pretend the date above says January 7, 2002, okay?


it snowed!! today is the first day we get snow, after weeks unusually warm weather in December. i didn’t take any photos, so i just borrowed Mr. Weld’s photo of a street next to our office. the snow wasn’t nice and fluffy, though. in fact, it’s a bit on the wet side… as you can see from the picture. but it was exciting enough for me to put it here. and i can’t wait for the fluffy version to stop by New York. yay!

linkydink: look at vectorized 03. cool little strip.