9 March 2002

ooph, i've been sick for the past 3 days. i left early from work on Thursday, and didn't even come to work on Friday. ari and i are supposed to go get more stuff for the ski trip next weekend, but -- ugh -- i don't think i wanna get out of my apartment at all. my brain still feels like it's not attached to my skull.
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5 March 2002

last night was a really cold chilling night. and i almost forgot that i had a dinner plan at Bali Nusa Indah with ari, cia and stan. it was very filling, as i didn't stop picking at the leftovers.

speaking of dinner, ari saw a bunch of bankers broke the World Record on the most expensive dinner in the news. what would you do if you have $60,000? as for me, hmm, tough choice: good wine or good car? i guess they probably have good car(s) already. so, they pick the wines. makes sense. just kidding.
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1 March 2002

guess what? we got one more winamp skin done! ari has been pretty productive lately. he finished this skin, he's been working on his portfolio (expect it to lauch in a couple of days... he's still waiting for screenshots of one of his project)... i, on the other hand, has been spending most of my past few days in the office, as one of my projects is about to launch. having more than 10 hours staring at the computer monitor makes me want to avoid spending time tweaking this site... so, i lied. i didn't work on exp. date revamp at all today.

anywhoo, take a look at the new skin, and let us know what you think.
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26 February 2002

... and, wow, dican redesigned.

she makes me want to redesign too. a couple months ago, i wrote that i'm in the middle of redesigning this page. well, it sorta put on hold. i got into making winamp skins, which i only finished one. then i worked on nonbasic instead. then i started to play the video games again. then... it goes on... and the new layout was forgotten.

so tonight, i revisited the illustrator file. moving it to psd, did a cut up, built the page... then i remember why i stopped working on it. certain parts are still empty and under developed... i also need to re-illustrate my face, since i just cut my hair (yeah, i put my face on the layout. heh). so after staring at it, i got lazy... and i started writing this entry, instead. maybe i'll work on it tomorrow.
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23 February 2002

some time in 1998, ari bought Learn HTML in a Week book. he read it for two days and on one Saturday afternoon, he taught me HTML.... i learned 8 tags: html, head, title, body, a href, img, p and font. that night, my first homepage was born. the address was http://www.lehigh.edu/~tsk3 and it was 100% made on MAC. later on, that homepage moved to geocities.

early 1999, i graduated college and moved the homepage to altern to avoid the ads. it didn't last long, since on February 19, altern was closed because of a company sued them.

jobless, had nothing to do but tweaking my homepage around, i got obsessed over my site. despite of having no income, i bought a domain (avocadolite) and paid for my site to be hosted at Dreamhost. yikes! what was i thinking?

but yeah, that was 3 years ago... the story of how avocadolite was born. since then, ari has joined, it has gone thru more redesigns, it now has a little brother and it actually got me a job (my first job was a junior designer).

happy 3 years, avocadolite :)
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16 February 2002

it's president's day weekend. and i'm off on Monday. YAY! ari bought the State of Emergency, the new game from the maker of Grand Theft Auto. two new video games (this one and the one i bought yesterday) of shooting and killing people -- or robots -- should be enough to keep us occupied for the whole 3 days weekend.

it's time for me to clean up my aparment, anyway. it's been a mess since i got back from Vermont. there are piles of clothes, books and dishes that have been waiting for me to take care of.

don't forget to check out the new issue of generationrice. cia got to interview the HalfProject crew!
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