~ Mrs. Jekyll & Little Hyde - finished ~

26 March 2014

mrs. jekyll & little hyde beany

yay, the Mrs. Jekyll & Little Hyde hat is done! and, yes, i loooove this hat. i knitted it using a 100% cashmere, and it’s double-layered, so it’s super warm… maybe a little too warm. we’ll see.

the lace part was very fun to do, and the stripy part is easy. such a pretty, lovely and enjoyable pattern from La Maison Rililie.

but i might’ve done something wrong, because the lace-side of the hat seems to be shorter than the stripy-side. i love the slouch on the stripy side, so i might redo the lace and add a few more rows of lace.

and i might make a smaller version for aina.

the WIP posts: 1, 2. and this hat is in my Ravelry page, too.