~ rikke hat - finished ~

12 March 2014

rikke hat

and in less than 3 days, the Rikke Hat is done! the pattern is simple and very easy to make, i think it’s perfect for beginners. it’s all garter stitch all around, so all you need to know is knit, purl, and knit2tog for the decreasing of the crown. easy… and it looks cute, too!

for this, i used smaller needles than recommended, but the hat seemed to grow larger than my head. maybe because i have small head? so, i stopped at 7” before decreasing (from the recommended 9” on the pattern), to avoid over-slouch. and it worked for me.

rikke hat

now i can use this for the Tokyo Trip next week :)

oh, by the way, the hat is in my Ravelry page, too.