~ regarding my shin & knee injury pt. 2 ~

08 March 2013

after making an appointment yesterday, i met up with the Podiatrist today. he listened to my story, the same story i told the Sports Doctor yesterday, about how i ended up with knee problem and the shin splints.

after i was done, he checked on my legs, pushing around the tender parts of my shins. he told me to stand still and started to draw some marks on my legs. then, i walked barefoot on the treadmill.

then he told me to sit down and started to explain what happened to my legs and what caused my shin splints:

although i’m not flat-footed, i have a tendency to over-pronate. he explained that by over-pronating, i’m overworking this one muscle that runs from my arch to the knee. this muscle, when overworked, causes the pain on the shin.

because of this, he will make me a pair of insoles that will be inserted and worn during my runs. these custom insoles take about three weeks to make. so meanwhile, i should go the physiotherapist to get my knee fixed.

i brought all my running shoes, my flipflops and the usual clogs i wear daily. he believed that my problem is not on the cushioning, but on stability. he looked at my shoes and said, “well, the good thing about these shoes are they are all light-weight. but they are minimalist shoes and they don’t help your over-pronation. so i’ll give you list of shoes that are light and will give you stability to help the pronation.”

and these are the shoes on the list: (all photos are from running warehouse, because they have the nicest photos for nunning shoes…)

adidas adizero tempo 5
adidas adizero tempo

asics ds trainer 18
asics ds trainer

new balance 1190
new balance 1190 - can’t find it in Singapore

nike zoom elite 5
nike zoom elite

saucony fastswitch 5
saucony fastswitch

mizuno wave ronin 5
mizuno wave ronin - no longer imported into singapore

“and wait for the insoles to arrive before buying the shoes. you need to fit the shoes with the insoles worn,” he said.

and i’m currently still waiting for the insoles to arrive. and have been doing some window shopping for running shoes. since by far i can’t find the mizuno and new balance in any stores, my current top choices are the adidas (very comfy) and asics. we’ll see what happens after the insoles arrive.

(to be continued… next: physiotherapist visit)

~ comment (2) ~

Wah sama mbak…saya ngga flat tapi overpronation juga. Trus ke podiatrist di rekomen pake adidas supernova dan asics ds trainer ini…
Nike free runnya suruh disedekahin :)) tapi sekarang pake asics juga yang gel GT

Kiky | 1 April 2013 - 08:31 | reply

hee, sama dong! *toss*… supernova pilihan warnanya lebih banyak tuh! DS trainer yang baru juga cuma satu warna, tapi untung mayan bagus :) gel GT enak?

thalia | 1 April 2013 - 10:57 | reply