~ belitung trip 2012 ~

28 December 2012

on Boxing Day, we flew to Belitung, a small island near Sumatra, with ari’s parents and ari’s sister, Jessi. we’ve been waiting for this trip ever since we watched the Laskar Pelangi Musical a year ago. the three of us have been a huuuuge fan. aina and i have memorized all the songs in the CD. Belitung is where the story took place… and the island is beautiful. it was only a 2-night trip (the third day, we left the island very early in the morning), but it was perfect.

to read more detailed story of each day, here are the links:

pantai laskar pelangi

Day 1:
- entry: arriving & mie belitung
- entry: east beaches
- entry: Manggar & Gantung.
- photo: flickr 26/12/2012 album

Lengkuas Island

Day 2:
- entry: island-hopping
- photo: flickr 27/12/2012 album

going home

Day 3:
- entry: flying home
- photo: flickr 28/12/2012 album

photos from the whole trip: Belitung 2012