~ SCMS 2012: aina’s kids dash & ballet rehearsal ~

02 December 2012
So, while I was huffing and puffing, trying to finish my Half Marathon, Aina and Ari were getting ready for their Kids Dash. and right after her race, Aina had to run to her full-costume-and-make-up ballet rehearsal. so today is a busy day for the little kid. this is Ari’s story…

In the morning, Aina woke up and was quickly ready to go for her race. She skipped along across the little parking lot next to the MRT, already in her running outfit. I explained that Thalia is already running by that time and we both hoped that we could get there on time to see her finish the race.

When we got there, there were already a lot of families walking towards the starting line. We met with Woro and Yana who have just finished their 10k near the war monument. and We rushed past the monument at the Padang and walked across the grass field to find a good spot near the finish line. We saw a little booth handing off big green cardboard hands for cheering the runners. Of course Aina got one and started to wave it around immediately.

aina after her run

After a while, we settled somewere on High Street facing the Cavenagh bridge. We waited and waited, and finally, when Thalia came across, it caught me by surprise and I nearly missed my chance to take a picture of her running. Aina waved the giant green hand and cheered on.

Quickly, we rushed back towards the place where the finishers would end up and found Thalia out of breath near the Monument again. Handing my backpack over to her, there was little time to waste. The start line was across the Esplanade Park and our race was about to start in 5 minutes. Running down the stairs and through the underpass towards the Esplanade side, we started chatting with an Aussie grandfather and his granddaughter. All 4 of us nervous that we may have missed the start. Luckily, we got there on time. In fact we were there for quite some time waiting at the pen on one end of the Esplanade Drive bridge. It was hot and in my haste, I had left my phone in the backpack so there’s no way to take pictures.

Finally, our group started the run. It was actually quite a sight. Hundreds of families with the kids running wildly on the highway. Expectedly, Aina was very disciplined in her run. She even complained that the other kids were zig-zagging too much and the parents were stopping too often to take pictures. We cornered off to Cavenagh Bridge as well, and were halted by human trafic briefly near the finish line. Aina ran all the way, face flushed from the heat but smilling all the time.

matching medal for Aina & Thalia

After grabbing a bottle of water, we walked over to the medal collection area and got our stuff. It took some time before we could locate Thalia and the group, because I didn’t have my phone with me. But finally, we found them just behind the information tent. After a bit of formalities and short goodbyes, we rushed back to get home for Aina’s Ballet Rehearsal.

We got home, took a shower and changed quickly. Binggi had just enough time to put make-up on Aina, and off we went to catch a taxi to Aina’s ballet school. We didn’t have time to get lunch, so on the way in, we bought char-siew pau for Aina before joining her class.

After dropping Aina off at the ballet school, Thalia and I crossed the street to get some thing to eat at Skyve. Exhausted and hungry, we ordered the thin-crust Quattro Formaggi, which was super delicious.

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Kaka Ai canggih betul udah cape2 lari masih harus pertunjukan :)

Iyay | 2 January 2013 - 09:45 | reply

cenggi, alias ribet… huhuhu. next time ga kayak gini ah. mo yang santai2 aja… makasii ya yay, udah bantuin banget waktu itu.

thalia | 3 January 2013 - 01:13 | reply