~ aina’s Nike Free ~

15 October 2012

aina's nike

after visiting 7 malls in the past 3 days, aina finally got a new pair of sports shoes. i didn’t know that finding size 11 or 12 for girl sports shoes would be that tough. i’m spent.

her old pair has been waaaay too small for her. and according to her school’s rules, the shoes have to use velcro for easy access. we’ve been eyeing a pair of pink New Balance but her size was not available anywhere. and when we decided to give up on that New Balance, it turns out all other sports shoes with her size are equally hard to find. a few of the shop assistants told us that size 11 and 12 are the most common shoe size for kids, so even though they usually order a lot more stock for those sizes, they usually get sold out the quickest. oh boy.

the one pictured above is a Nike Free 2.0 for Girls, the old model of Nike Free. and this is the last pair of her size. actually, her size is in between 11 and 12, but size 12 was all out. but 11 is better than her current shoes, which is size 10.

she’s happy with this pair, though. it’s silvery and pink. and she said it’s sooooo comfortable (i bet! compared to her old one that’s waaay too small!).