~ ballet photoshoot ~

28 October 2012

after aina completed the Reverance 2012, she moved to the next ballet class, from the Baby Ballet (pink leotard), to the Pre-Ballet (purple leotard). she’s been waiting for this move for the 6 months, so she was very happy that she’s finally moved up.

and since she’s now on the Purple Class, she’s allowed to join her ballet school year-end concert, which has different theme every year. last year was The New Nutcracker, and we took aina to see it. this year, it’s La Bayadère. and each year, the school prints booklets for the concert, where it lists the names of the dancers and their photos. today is the photosession.

so, she had to wear her purple uniform, ballet bun and pink make-up (just pink blush and pink lipsticks).

aina for la bayadere photoshoot

and then she had to wait in line (we were number 53, and there were about twenty-something kids in front of us) for the photo turn. one of the classes was converted into a photo studio, make-up and hair room. the older kids helped the younger kids to get to the chair, while the moms wait outside of the class room.


now, i’m really curious on the result… but i guess i have to wait until December.

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iyay | 29 October 2012 - 06:56 | reply

aw, makasii om iyay!

thalia | 31 October 2012 - 08:22 | reply