~ running shoes: orange Merrell Dash Glove ~

10 June 2012

another pair of running/walking shoes

so i bought another pair running shoes. oops. the pair i bought 3 months ago has not even passing the 200km mark, and i already bought another pair… bad thalia.

i guess, this time, i bought this pair totally based on its looks. i really like the colors and the shape of this one (i’m not a turquoise kinda girl). they don’t look like running shoes and look more like a hiking or walking shoes. they don’t look too sporty… looking too sporty always intimidates me.

this pair is called Merrell Dash Glove. they are for barefoot running. so the sole is really thin and it’s completely flat. unlike my Brooks, which are very comfy for running but aren’t really made for walking (the back of the heels part is waaay too high for my feet), the Merrell are soooo comfortable for walking. so, i’m thinking they’ll be a perfect traveling pair… i can use them for running AND walking around. and they are very soft and bendy… they don’t take much space in the suitcase :)

another pair of running/walking shoes

and how’s it for running? well, i’m still adjusting. i’ve been wearing them for 3 runs, and so far, i can’t go beyond 6km without killing my calves. just like when i was adjusting my feet with Brooks, running with them makes my calves crazy sore… but i guess it takes time to adjust, right?