~ aina & doraemon ~

31 August 2010

today, aina said, “dad, i think i like Doraemon more than Mickey Mouse now.” both ari and i gasped… wow, the blue robot cat has beaten the mouse empire! that’s pretty amazing…

aina started her obsession with doraemon a few months ago, when she saw dancing doraemon on a stage at Marina Square. it was 40th anniversary show, where people dressed up in the blue robot cat suit dancing around with Nobita and Shizuka (people in costume, of course). the blue cat was so cute, that aina couldn’t stop talking about it even after we arrived home.

since we don’t have any Doraemon movies, we looked around YouTube for the series. instead, we found the same show taped in Chinese: Doraemon dancing on the stage with the title song. aina playes the clip over and over again, practicing the dancing. by the second week, she has memorized all the moves.

at this point, aina thinks of doraemon as a cute dancing blue robot cat. she has never seen the movies nor the series. so, we decided to show her the real doraemon.

two months after the show in Marine Square, we finally found doraemon DVD pack of 4. aina is still obsessed over doraemon and does the dance daily. but now, it’s about to change…

as soon as we played the DVD, she’s totally hooked! for the next month, all she wants to watch is the Doraemon DVD. over and over again… she doesn’t even watch TV anymore. everyday, it’s Doraemon.

and now, we’re planning our trip to Japan. for us, the parents, the trip is to see Kyoto and the Geisha. to see Ghibli museums. to take aina to the Tokyo Disneyland to see Mickey and Minnie… but wait. didn’t aina said that she doesn’t like Mickey anymore? didn’t she prefer Doraemon now?

so, i guess, for aina, the trip to Japan is to see Doraemon. the problem is, the blue cat is soooo, well, 80s. i hope we can find something with Doraemon in Tokyo…